Jump’g Box riding boxes are the tools you need for all equestrian disciplines, from show jumping to dressage, from endurance to eventing, from polo to horse ball and racing.

You and your horse must always be equipped with everything you need, so this saddle box is the one for all your competitions and events. Not just the saddle, but you also need your helmet, crops, boots, lunge lines, shin pads, rest bandages, blanket, undersaddle, flycap and much more in just one box. A single tailor-made product built entirely for you!


Jumpi’g Box boxes are available in any colour and finish, and can be customised with the following parts:

  • Mirror.
  • Engraved logo.
  • Aluminium plate.
  • Any kind of box can be made to measure.
  • Drawer cabinets with automatically retracting guides.